Sonic Youth – What We Know. Live on Jools Holland

Posted in Music by jukeboxparables on May 1, 2009

I’m declaring May: Sonic Youth month. Because after a few listens of their 16th album “The Eternal” …basically they’ve still got it. No other band in History has been able to pull this off in my opinion; that is not making rehashed or dull or just plain dinosaur music after 30+ years. Maybe Bowie… or The Beatles.

The Eternal is as fresh as their 15th effort Rather Ripped but rather than emitting a cleaner lighter vibe that album had it has memorable heavy/dirty hooks as if giving nods to albums like “Goo” and “Dirty”. Full review in the coming weeks.

But here’s the band playing “What We Know” on Jools Holland (above). Jools rightly mentions the band played way back on the shows debut in 1992. So I’ve tracked down that performance (below) 18years later, its all still there. Bravo.

Sonic Youth – New mp3 “Sacred Trickster”

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Matadorrecords are hosting an entire track off Sonic Youth’s upcoming 16th album “The Eternal” You can listen to it right here. It’s a short 2:10minute song, punchy and melodic yet has that ‘void-esque’ feeling happening. Anyway check it out for yourselves.

I should re-iterate you can pre-order online via Matador starting April 28th. The album comes out on June 9th.

If you pre-order you get;

– a code to stream the album early, from April 28
– an exclusive live vinyl lp recorded in New York on July 4, 2008 (subject to availability)
– an exclusive poster
– exclusive additional mp3 downloads of outtakes & more live material
– early access to concert tickets in the US (especially if you sign up now)

/end promotion.

Sonic Youth – The Eternal, preorders March 24th

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Sonic Youth’s 16th album “the eternal” is slated for release on June 9th. If you pre-order you get to stream the album starting April 28th. You also get an additional live LP of the bands July 4th NYC show. The album is the followup to 2006’s Rather Ripped however It’s their first on NYC label Matador Records (home to Liz Phair, Mogwai, Lou Reed and Pavement) which is their 8th label no less! I can’t actually believe an album like Goo is close to 20years old, It and Dirty were the two albums I initially heard songs off when I was starting to listen to music as a youngin’ Though it took me well into last year to pickup Daydream Nation. A travesty, I know. More on that another time.

You can hear a medly-style short-cut mashup of the album here