Triple J – Hottest 100 of All Time!

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Triple J (JJJ) Also known as Australia’s national broadcaster are holding their hottest 100 of all time music poll again. For either the fourth or fifth time depending on how you look at it. Basically every year since 1989 the station has run an end of year “What is the best song of all time poll” In where bands/songs from any era could be chosen. This ran from 1989 to 1991. Joy Division came in at #1 in ’89 and ’90 with “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and Nirvana – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” got #1 in 1991 (Joy Division came in at #2)

In 1993 after a year off the format was changed to a year-in-review hottest 100 in-where people could vote for what they perceived as the best songs of the previous year (singles released in that year)

In 1998 as an almost 10-year Anniversary the ‘all time’ poll happened again. Nirvana – “Smells like Teen Spirit” got #1 whilst Hunters & Collectors – “Throw Your Arms Around Me” was #2.

Check out all the stats here

Anyway, besides what you may think about this poll; It is the Biggest public music poll on the planet (by votes counted) So I don’t see it as a bad thing at all, besides what the whingers out there say.

And It’s being run again, 10years since the last one!

Sure it is hard to vote; How do you vote for songs? By what you think is technically a better song? Or do you just go by what you love the most? It get’s yet more complicated when you start thinking about other people and how they’ll vote. For example; What’s the point of me voting for “INSERT_OBSCURE_SONG” because no one else is sure as hell not going to vote for it. So my vote won’t even show in the 100, I might as well vote my favourite bands hit single right? Well that’s how the line of thought goes I think.

Anyway because I’m usually all over the place musically I’ve decided not to vote in a certain way ie “only the best technical songs” rather I’m going to mix and match and here’s the way my vote is going:

*Note; You get to vote for 10songs in no order*. Get voting here; It’s open to everyone. Yes I’ve added links for viewing pleasure.

#The Beatles – Twist & Shout
#The Temptations – My Girl
#Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
#David Bowie – Life On Mars?
#Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop
#Nirvana – Drain You
#Radiohead – Karma Police
#The Smiths – This Charming Man
#At The Drive-In – 198d
#Sonic Youth – Teenage Riot

Yes, Yes It’s oh so hard sometimes. Choosing Nirvana, The Ramones and Sonic Youth’s “best” song was particularly the hardest… I’ve gone with the ‘popular’ Ramones choice likewise Sonic Youth but I’ve chosen Drain You over Teen Spirit… (and a sea of others) So darn hard to decide! :s

Bands just outside the Top10 for me: The Clash, Cap’n Jazz, Gang of Four, Blur, Iggy Pop, Muse, Bloc Party. Oh what a travesty to leave them out!

Voting closes Sunday 28th June 2009 – midnight AEST.

Radiohead and The Libertines.

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Go the BBC for music news! Radiohead are recording a new album! Bassist Colin Greenwood told 6 Music the Oxford band have been busy in the studio over the last week with producer Nigel Godrich.

“It’s at the stage where we’ve got the big Lego box out and we’ve tipped it out on the floor and we’re just looking at all the bits and thinking what’s next?”

And… The Libertines are probably going to reform, says Adam Ficek (drummer of Babyshambles) This after NME has posted video of a unannounced on-stage reunion show recently. Also of note is Adam mentioned Babyshambles are working on their third album.

“Music/Books that make you dumb”

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A friend linked me to a recent beatcrave article about a statistical data compilation which has correlated Musical taste with SAT scores in the USA. For all those unawares the SAT is the standard college admission test in the United Sates. Anyway I thought It was possibly a bit of a joke however It’s actually been done quite professionally by a Phd. student at Caltech Virgil Griffith.

Basically the author compiled 133 of the most popular inputs of ‘favourite music’ using facebook (manually). Then correlated this with student SAT data. As is pointed out correlation is not causation so the title is perhaps misleading. But you can’t ignore the trends.

A large statistical sample was also used, SAT data was obtained from 1,352 schools.

So whilst browsing the graph outputs which you can view here: http://musicthatmakesyoudumb.virgil.gr/ I also noticed the author had previously done the same thing with books! You can view that here

So what’s the ‘verdict’? Indie/Alternative kids come out on-top whilst lovers of Beethoven reign supreme. Wow, I just had this strange mental image of a certain dystopian novel/movie character named Alex yelping “Not the 5th!”

Highest SAT scorers were lovers of Beethoven, Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, Ben Folds Five and Guster. whilst the lowest scores fell to (Sorry hip-hop/rap fans) Lil’ Wayne, Beyonce and T.I

I am surprised however that a band like Counting Crows scored so high. The Author explains this away however; “When UPenn Princeton, Duke, Williams, and Upenn make up ~20% of the weight you’d expect a high score.” No doubt some localized quip about the general makeup of attendees of that school that us International folks don’t understand. I’ll have to agree with the fact that Nickelback are near-bottom only outdone by Aerosmith, Haven’t we all suspected this all along!? Muse and David Bowie also registered slightly above average scores. Does this mean my SAT’s would rate somewhere between those two artists? haha hopefully.

In the other plot about Books; Catch 22, Lolita, 100 years of solitude scored highly whilst; Zane, The Colour Purple and The Holy Bible scored fairly low.

Note; this is all pretty tongue-in-cheek! Correlation doesn’t mean its some type of proven fact. Hence the use of inverted commas in the title.