The Smiths, Live @ Derby 1983.

Posted in Music by jukeboxparables on April 2, 2009

So this is nothing new in the least. But I’ve heard a few bootlegs in my day (I was swapping/trading them with strangers at the age of 16… mostly Nirvana and the like) But I randomly came across some Smiths live stuff on the youtubes nothing new there. But wow does it sound amazing. So I did some googling. It’s a bootleg released under the name “Sorrow’s Son” CD format, and the recording is from Assembly Rooms, Derby on the 7th of December 1983.

Check out the set on youtube via a playlist I made here It’s worth it for the sheer brilliance of how good it sounds. Especially one of my favourites “Still Ill” Morrissey’s vocals are spot on. It’s a great recording.

Here’s an excerpt; the aforementioned “Still Ill” which is off their 1984 self titled debut.


Out.com ‘gayest albums of all-time’

Posted in Music, Random by jukeboxparables on March 29, 2009

A panel of ‘experts’ including Boy George, Rufus Wainwright, Cyndi Lauper and Darren Hayes amongst a list of others recently voted in Out.com’s Top 100 ‘gayest albums of all time’ I’m quite bemused by that but let’s go with it.

Coming in at number #1? David Bowie – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. An interesting choice. I remember reading an article on Bowie which had a few quotes about his sexual orientation back then. He’s apparently since made comment’s saying he regrets his earlier sentiments. Think of that what you will I guess. The article does some it up pretty well though;

It’s ironic that an album with an opener forecasting Earth’s expiration and a closer tackling celebrity excess and self-destruction remains one of the most liberating, uplifting records of all time — about as ironic as a straight man topping this list. Robust, swaggering anthems “Ziggy Stardust” and “Suffragette City” prove this space odyssey is far from morbid or apocalyptic, yet it is on standouts like the languid, gender-flirting “Lady Stardust” and brash come-on “Moonage Daydream” — in which the singer asks for a raygun to be placed to his head with almost masochistic sexual glee — that Ziggy and his Spiders really shine. When in the grand finale, “Rock ’n’ Roll Suicide,” Bowie wails “Oh no love! You’re not alone!” over a sea of theatrical strings, you know he was singing for every exiled, dejected, sexually confused young kid who longed for a world of greater possibilities.

Other notables? Coming in at #2 was The Smiths – (self titled) And again in at #6 with The Queen Is Dead. The Velvet Underground & Nico came in at #12 whilst Lou Reed – Transformer was #17.

So what exactly is implied if you happen to own all of those aforementioned great albums? haha.

Young at heart / Old in mind?

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I came to a small realisation yesterday. After posting an ad for new band members I promptly received two rather interesting replies. The ad itself wasn’t over the top, it was short and to the point and attempted to encompass the range of music my band and I are hoping to make.

The first reply came from a rather eloquent guy whose been in heaps of bands since the 80’s all of which seemed rad, the only problem being a rather large age gap (It’s only a problem because it leads to a divide in interest) The second reply was much the same. Both people also had interesting anecdotes to share about some of the bands I’d mentioned.

One was adamant that after seeing both Joy Division and Gang of Four live that GoF were all over them in the live show performance department. This was pretty amazing to hear. Imagine having seen both these bands in their original era/prime?

I thought that email was something until the next person; I asked if he was experienced/been around/in bands; he stated he is originally from the UK and had seen Joy Division and met Ian Curtis back stage after one of their shows.

Both guys we’re in their 40’s from what I can gather. And as yet we’ve received no other replies. This lead me to question if I’ve been born in the right era…. and why oh why no one (except my band mates) and certain friends share a love for good music. Or what we perceive as good music. Are we 40yr olds trapped in 20-somethings’ bodies!?

Then again, my love of music isn’t confined to one certain era/decade it spans most of them but It’s a bit of a mind bend when you realise most of the people out there who are into the same music as you are twice your age or more.

But It’s too easy to say the best music is classic stuff and not stuff happening right now. Because in a sense we pick and choose the best music from certain time periods and completely disregard all the crap that existed back then. This is why, now and always music from ‘back in the day’ will trump ‘present day’ movements. It’s only with retrospect that the bands of today will be rated as having stood the test of time.