Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Zero” music video debut.

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

Yes the new music video for the first single off It’s Blitz! Click the link Above! Drool worthy for the Karen O fanboys out there (like myself) Cool video, simple and not over the top yet flamboyant and to the point. Everything YYY’s are. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs always manage to pick directors who pull off the right feel visually. Without going for big-budget crap.

Take; Maps, Down Boy, Cheated Hearts and Date With The Night for example. The opening scene of Maps one of deer-in-the-headlights bemusement or Down Boy which granted is a Live gig taping but the neon-green night vision camera work bleeds the seduction of the track. Cheated Hearts a compilation of fan made videos from around the world along with actual footage of the band spliced together gives the same ‘fuzzy’ feeling of warmth the track does. Lastly Date With The Night although a relatively typical/done to death tour/on the road montage still resonates with the party binge lifestyle that track invokes.

So here are those aforementioned older videos/previous singles which manage to perfectly capture the feeling the songs radiate;


Down Boy

Date With The Night

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – It’s Blitz!; first listen.

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Ok so you had to be hovering about yesterday because it seems the entire album has now been replaced by 30sec samples on their myspace, when I actually checked out their page all the songs had 0 plays It must have just been uploaded. This album along with Sonic Youth’s – Eternal are my two picks this year for most anticipated albums. And after hearing It’s Blitz a good 3-4times over yesterday this hasn’t changed. It’s definitely not a disappointment.

The first few tracks; Zero, Heads Will Roll, Soft Shock are all synth-laden dance-rock numbers. The album then takes a slightly somber tone through; Skeletons, Dull Life, Shame And Fortune and then a standout track Runaway It could well be the new Maps I’m not going to state that outright because the album closer Little Shadow is also a minimalist heart-wrenching sing along.

It’s definitely something new, gone is the all-out rock. But thankfully it hasn’t been replaced by ‘whats-hot-right-now’ going all-out electronic. Even though there are hints of that. It’s more an introspective sound.

Full review coming when I get my hands on it!

It’s Blitz! Entire album streaming online!!!

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Yes, that deserved 3 exclamation marks.
So as previously mentioned, the album got leaked awhile ago and I blogged two days ago that It was slated for release April 13th. It turns out they’ve decided to jump the gun on illegal downloaders. The entire album is streaming on their myspace right now.

The actual release date has also been pushed forward. You can buy it online from March 9th (Worldwide) and 10th (USA). And you can grab it in-stores April 6th (Worldwide) and March 31st (USA).

Right now I have speakers at full volume and I’m listening intently. The album will only be streaming until the official release date.

P.S Karen O Please Marry me, that is all.


New Yeah Yeah Yeahs: It’s Blitz!

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The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are releasing their long awaited 3rd LP on the 13th of April 2009. Though it’s apparently been floating around on the internets since mid February. They released an EP in 2001, followed by two LP’s 2003’s Fever To Tell and 2006’s Show Your Bones and then an Is Is EP in 2007. So its been 3years since a full length album.

This is all old news but you can hear the albums first track on their mypsace. It’s called “Zero” and is not short on dance-synth love. You can also stream track2 “Heads Will Roll” off stereogum I listened to the track before I read their take on it and I thought I distinctly heard some New Order in there. Seems like Blue Monday was a bit of an influence.

Anyway, There’s been a bit of a shit-fight that they’re abandoning that gritty, dirty, guitar-driven arty new-york underground/pop sound that they defined. I doubt that’s the case, I think the track previews are purposely different to what they’re associated with. Similar to Muse releasing “Supermassive Black hole” awhile back and throwing most people off. I guess we’ll see come April. New directions are good though, without Growth what’s the point?

I should mention that there have been rumors flying thick and fast that the YYYs will be playing the Splendour In The Grass festival this year. Completely unfounded rumors of course/as usual. But I still haven’t seen them live so I’m happy to fan the flames. Fingers crossed we see them on our shores soon!

Lastly, they’re also streaming a cover of The Ramones – Sheena Is A Punk Rocker on their myspace. Brilliant.