Triple J – Hottest 100 of All Time!

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Triple J (JJJ) Also known as Australia’s national broadcaster are holding their hottest 100 of all time music poll again. For either the fourth or fifth time depending on how you look at it. Basically every year since 1989 the station has run an end of year “What is the best song of all time poll” In where bands/songs from any era could be chosen. This ran from 1989 to 1991. Joy Division came in at #1 in ’89 and ’90 with “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and Nirvana – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” got #1 in 1991 (Joy Division came in at #2)

In 1993 after a year off the format was changed to a year-in-review hottest 100 in-where people could vote for what they perceived as the best songs of the previous year (singles released in that year)

In 1998 as an almost 10-year Anniversary the ‘all time’ poll happened again. Nirvana – “Smells like Teen Spirit” got #1 whilst Hunters & Collectors – “Throw Your Arms Around Me” was #2.

Check out all the stats here

Anyway, besides what you may think about this poll; It is the Biggest public music poll on the planet (by votes counted) So I don’t see it as a bad thing at all, besides what the whingers out there say.

And It’s being run again, 10years since the last one!

Sure it is hard to vote; How do you vote for songs? By what you think is technically a better song? Or do you just go by what you love the most? It get’s yet more complicated when you start thinking about other people and how they’ll vote. For example; What’s the point of me voting for “INSERT_OBSCURE_SONG” because no one else is sure as hell not going to vote for it. So my vote won’t even show in the 100, I might as well vote my favourite bands hit single right? Well that’s how the line of thought goes I think.

Anyway because I’m usually all over the place musically I’ve decided not to vote in a certain way ie “only the best technical songs” rather I’m going to mix and match and here’s the way my vote is going:

*Note; You get to vote for 10songs in no order*. Get voting here; It’s open to everyone. Yes I’ve added links for viewing pleasure.

#The Beatles – Twist & Shout
#The Temptations – My Girl
#Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
#David Bowie – Life On Mars?
#Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop
#Nirvana – Drain You
#Radiohead – Karma Police
#The Smiths – This Charming Man
#At The Drive-In – 198d
#Sonic Youth – Teenage Riot

Yes, Yes It’s oh so hard sometimes. Choosing Nirvana, The Ramones and Sonic Youth’s “best” song was particularly the hardest… I’ve gone with the ‘popular’ Ramones choice likewise Sonic Youth but I’ve chosen Drain You over Teen Spirit… (and a sea of others) So darn hard to decide! :s

Bands just outside the Top10 for me: The Clash, Cap’n Jazz, Gang of Four, Blur, Iggy Pop, Muse, Bloc Party. Oh what a travesty to leave them out!

Voting closes Sunday 28th June 2009 – midnight AEST.

Craig Schuftan On Romanticism & Rock n Roll

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I’ve caught this program called Fora on ABC TV a few times now, It’s an Australian equivalent of something like CSPAN. A show dedicated to Talks on intellectual, political, cultural and economic debate in Australia. However they also have a website and offer their feature segments IN FULL for viewing online, great stuff.

Their current feature is Craig Schuftan, who Triple J listeners might know as occasionally presenting a short segment called “The Culture Club” which basically traces contemporary music and specific bands/artists back through time to the origins of the subject matter a particular artist happens to be talking about. In some cases it’s easy work; Craig takes in song/album titles or lyrics and traces their origin. In other cases however, he thoroughly investigates the links to the motif’s and movements/underlying statements of a particular song/album/band. It’s powerful stuff.

The segment was turned into a book but this ABC Fora talk is about his most recent book on the ties between modern music and romanticism. It’s must watch viewing for all you fellow music nerds. I’ve tagged a handful of the artists mentioned in the talk.

Enjoy! – Click here to view video. *Click play, then Play Full Clip*

Alternatively you can listen to the MP3 right here.

Out.com ‘gayest albums of all-time’

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A panel of ‘experts’ including Boy George, Rufus Wainwright, Cyndi Lauper and Darren Hayes amongst a list of others recently voted in Out.com’s Top 100 ‘gayest albums of all time’ I’m quite bemused by that but let’s go with it.

Coming in at number #1? David Bowie – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. An interesting choice. I remember reading an article on Bowie which had a few quotes about his sexual orientation back then. He’s apparently since made comment’s saying he regrets his earlier sentiments. Think of that what you will I guess. The article does some it up pretty well though;

It’s ironic that an album with an opener forecasting Earth’s expiration and a closer tackling celebrity excess and self-destruction remains one of the most liberating, uplifting records of all time — about as ironic as a straight man topping this list. Robust, swaggering anthems “Ziggy Stardust” and “Suffragette City” prove this space odyssey is far from morbid or apocalyptic, yet it is on standouts like the languid, gender-flirting “Lady Stardust” and brash come-on “Moonage Daydream” — in which the singer asks for a raygun to be placed to his head with almost masochistic sexual glee — that Ziggy and his Spiders really shine. When in the grand finale, “Rock ’n’ Roll Suicide,” Bowie wails “Oh no love! You’re not alone!” over a sea of theatrical strings, you know he was singing for every exiled, dejected, sexually confused young kid who longed for a world of greater possibilities.

Other notables? Coming in at #2 was The Smiths – (self titled) And again in at #6 with The Queen Is Dead. The Velvet Underground & Nico came in at #12 whilst Lou Reed – Transformer was #17.

So what exactly is implied if you happen to own all of those aforementioned great albums? haha.

Blender gallery – rockarchive 10th anniversary exhibit

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On Saturday I made a date with Paddington’s Blender gallery because they are hosting rockarchive’s collection of UK based limited music related photography spanning many decades. Hung prints included; David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Nirvana, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Blondie, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Siouxsie Sioux and many many more. All of the prints are limited releases available for purchase, ouch did I come close. Particular shots of Cobain and Sioux we’re amongst highlights.

It’s the first time the collection is running in Australia, it being based in the UK, It features dozens of portfolios of some of the worlds best music photographers and runs from Friday 20th March until Tuesday 21st April 2009 you can get all the info at either rockarchives website or the Blender gallery.

I was blown away by more than a few of the shots and more importantly the story behind them. I’ve borrowed the photo above as a means to get you all out there to take a look. If I’m infringing copyright please let me know.

I chose that shot because I absolutely love the story behind it. It was taken by and is the copyright of Ed Sirrs and the story behind it reads; The date was 20 Aug 1991.

“The support band had been ignored by an almost empty house, but the place is suddenly capacity rammed and heaving for headliners Sonic Youth. Four feet away from the side of the little stage, oblivious to the monumental racket, the support band’s singer/guitarist (Kurt Cobain) catches a few zzzs on a narrow wooden bench.”

That’s a moment in time. One of my all time favourite bands Nirvana did indeed tour/support Sonic Youth (another of my favourites) during the explosion of the Seattle sound in the late 80’s early 90’s. This photo of Kurt makes him look like a regular guy taking a nap, a roady perhaps? (though how you could fall asleep during the aural assault that is Sonic Youth, I don’t know) a few months on to a year later Nirvana became the biggest band in the world. 3 years later the combined effects of childhood scoliosis / undiagnosed stomach cramps -> various drug addictions / unrelenting & unwanted international media pressure, perhaps all combined to cause Kurt to commit suicide. But here he’s just a regular guy having a nap.

EDIT:: looky what I found. Yes it’s from the same show!

I know that riff; Issue #1

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Over the years I’ve noticed songs ‘borrowing’ heavily from other songs, Of course I’m not so naive as to think this is a recent occurrence. It’s probably been happening since the invention of music period. But some things are more heavily borrowed than others, I’m not talking credited samples. I’m talking the unsolicited kind (as far as I know) So here goes;

M.I.A – Paper planes Intro is ‘borrowed’ from; The Clash – Straight To Hell. This was clawing at the back of my mind for the longest while. When M.I.A’s song was all over the radio I thought I was having a mental breakdown having heard the Intro before many times but I couldn’t place it.

Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby Yeah Stop calibrate and listen… and take a sample from David Bowie – Under Pressure. I’m sorry to say since Im Gen-X I heard Vanilla’s song first. Yes, oh the humanity.

Lastly but surely not least. Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl. Okay so the award for the biggest offence to music has been saved right till the end. M.I.A only took about 5sec of an Intro, Vanilla Ice sampled it throughout his hit but prominent hacks Jet lift from none other than everyones favourite 60yr old with a 6pack Iggy Pop himself! Iggy Pop – Lust For Life Utter sacrilege.

Issue #2 sometime soon…

Life On Mars? – Axed!

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It genuinely surprises me sometimes how often some of my more obscure love for things converge. David Bowie and police television drama seem like two separate and distinct worlds. Or at least they did before the odd UK Police drama series Life On Mars. The show tells the story of a detective who gets hit buy a car and wakes up in 1973. The title of the drama borrowed from the Bowie song of the same name.

Anyway what’s more surprising is that for probably the first and only time. I’ve enjoyed watching an American version of something British. It’s pretty well established that Brits do everything better, teaching Americans how to rock’n’roll since 1960 or so the saying goes. I’m not saying the series is better than the British one truth be told I haven’t given the British one enough time.

I did catch a few episodes of the UK series which aired here in Australia on ABC, yet the recent Americanized version of the show has had me totally hooked. Harvey Keitel has a Lieutenant? Brilliant!

The show has that odd-ball aspect to it. David Bowie’s song is not only the title/credit song It’s featured throughout the show during odd flashbacks of the lead character Sam played by Jason O’Mara. It all combines to separate it from straight-up shows that I love as in The Bill, or Law & Order. But It doesn’t go over board like a few of the newer Cop shows. It also humors itself.

So I was pretty shocked the other week when I learned it hasn’t been picked up for a second season! (this is the American version) So it will unfortunately join the graveyard of good series axed by the major networks in the states. Don’t get me started on Firefly.

Other ‘hit’ American shows like 24, Lost, Heroes, Prison Break have ALL gone downhill and literally lost the plot writing wise. It seems the only refuge left for American TV is Dexter. Hopefully that sticks around for awhile.

No more Life On Mars, what a shame.