About This

jukeboxparables has been launched as an output/fix for my increasing inability to articulate all interesting matters/things not only to complete strangers but indeed to my closest and best friends. Many aforementioned friends already run intricate blogs in the varying creative worlds of; music, photography and writing. So I’m going to steal those genres because I love them so and also throw in Science, tech, art, design, film, anime, travel, a general love of classic/original things and other general nerdyness.

I’m currently doing an undergrad BSc hoping someday to major in Biotechnology/Bioengineering. I bought my first album when I was 11 (Nirvana – Nevermind) seen hundreds of bands over the years and been in and out of bands since high school (Guitars) I love music in a big way. I’ve also… (on the side) dabbled in building & racing cars, I contribute to HR if you care about things automotive.

Should I mention I’m 25 and from Sydney, Australia? There done!

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