WT2010 – CANADA – Day 29/30 – Vancouver, BC

Posted in Travels by jukeboxparables on April 12, 2010

Day 29/30 – Vancouver, BC
[On the iPOD] Franz Ferdinand / The Jam / The Smiths

Shitty shitty weather! Theres nothing more depressing than knowing you’ve only got a short window of time (a mere 4 days) to explore an entire city you’ve never been to before and then the weather rolls in and kills the mood. I only had two days left in Vancouver and still wanted one more trip to Cypress Mountain to kick up some powder yet the forecast all week was for storms. I walked outside my hotel to wander about putting off boarding until tomorrow (the last day in where i’d hope conditions would improve)

I decided to check out the Vancouver Art Gallery, not that I haven’t seen enough art lately but they actually had a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition on. The first time his actual works on anatomy had been shown outside their keeping place in the UK from memory. It didn’t feel real standing there viewing the works, they were pages from an in-depth investigation of the structure of the human body from muscles, to veins to bones and how they’re all connected, the drawings featuring annotated commentary. So as well as being art unto themselves they were a revelation in regards to our understanding of the structure and function of the body.

Complementing the Da Vinci display was a contemporary artistic interpretation of the human body, its parts and functions. Upstairs were more contemporary works including photography but this time from Canadian artists. One work of photography was a set of photos aligned chronologically starting with a dead man laying in snow. It turns out it was the scene of a murder and as the photos continued on the captions told the story of what had happened and how it all unfolded. Pretty chilling stuff.

I spent a good 2hours in there only to come out to find the rain and wind was still going strong. No photos allowed inside the gallery and no photos of Vancouver this day because of the endless rain I’m not willing to ruin my camera when it’s raining sideways. Basically the shifty weather would mean I’d be experiencing my first real regret of this trip and that is missing out on wandering around Vancouver’s renowned Stanley Park not to mention the famous suspension bridge (which I was really looking forward to) or getting the vibe of Gas Town which I’d almost gone to on the first day. I ended up wandering in a few stores and then just decided to call it a day (the rain wouldn’t stop) It was pretty much the same story at night, most of the bars were empty due to the weather so I headed back with fingers crossed hoping tomorrow would bring a change (which wasn’t forecast)

I awoke to a blue-cow day. Cypress Mountain was on standby though due to high winds… which didn’t sound promising but I decided to risk it and drive up there. It’s only thirty minutes from my hotel carpark to the lodge carpark its brilliant anddddd it had snowed last night (55cm!) Driving up the 12km road to get to the resort I was met with snow covered trees and high embankments either side of the road made of snow and when I finally got to the top it was dead calm! blue skies and a half full first carpark, perfect.

There was a fresh depth of powder and I pretty much spent the next 7hours up there. Cypress has night sessions but even regular days run to 7pm! It’s such a good resort, I could see myself living near there driving 30minutes for a quick board after work. It’s just a shame that the Vancouver traffic situation is so bad. It’s akin to Sydney’s really. The drive to the mountain is quick but I noticed straight away the short comings of this city. The Lions Gate bridge, a big, beautiful suspension bridge linking the city and the North. It’s 3 lanes!!! So when you drive back you basically meet peak-hour going out of the city (they get 2 lanes) and then 4 lanes towards the city merge into 1! An utter planning disaster and it’s the only way to get across the water. It’d be a nightmare to deal with every day.

So I wound back to my hotel circa 8pm, went to dinner and it again started to rain. I decided since it was my last night in Vancouver and I hadn’t really gone out I’d give it a shot but only ended up finding sports bars and getting soaked, with a 6hour drive back to Portland, OR early the next morning I decided the weather had me defeated! A bit of a let down but in the end it’s not always going to be sunshine and blue skies and after all I did get my two days of boarding in so I’m still content.

Next few days I’ll be on the road a lot!

GASP! SHOCK HORROR, no photos to show thusfar. As one day was in a gallery that didn’t allow it and messed up by the rain, the other day was spent on a cold snowy mountain where my camera shall not venture (I do have FILM camera shots though which will be updated / online one day)


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