WT2010 – JAPAN – Day 14 – A roll of the dice on the last day…

Posted in Travels by jukeboxparables on March 24, 2010

WT2010 – JAPAN
Day 14 – A roll of the dice on the last day…
[On the iPOD] The Smiths

I considered trekking way outside of Tokyo for my final day in Japan, the next day to be written off by getting to the airport and a flight to Los Angeles. I decided to simply roll the dice assigning random station names on the JR line to the numbers on my 6 sided cube of fate.

First roll landed on Harajuku, where i’d already been but thought what the heck I’ll go again and maybe actually get some shots of the cosplay-zoku. Of course it was a nonevent until I spotted a small crowd near the bridge there. It was a girl selling home-made jewellery, next to her she had a motorbike packed and stacked with everything you’d need to live on the road. Under the bike was a map of Japan with a good 30 destinations circled and finally some photo albums of her travels. She’d been traveling around japan and living off this motorbike and from the sales of the home-made jewellery.

I flicked through her photo albums there were some really cool photos, a real experience. Sometimes you don’t need to go overseas for great adventures. Theres always some in your own backyard and what better way to do it than on a motorbike!

Next roll of the dice led me to Ikebukuro, I hadn’t been North of Shinjuku on the Yamanote line yet so I thought what the heck. The suburb is fairly dull with not much going on, but it did take me awhile to get out of the subway, it liberally runs under half the length of the town with shops either side and a major shopping outlet directly above. So I actually went back to the subway to get some amazing dessert and was blown away by a 2 layer pancake with cream in the middle swimming in custard and ice cream on top. Nom nom nom.

Ikebukuro would be the place to go if it was freezing + snowing outside and you needed to do some shopping, since all the stores you need are in the underground subway.

I headed back to my hotel and then decided to walk over to Shimokitazawa for dinner for one last time. It being a public holiday (and a monday) most of the shops were closed, minus the restaurants which were still in full swing.

My actual last day involved getting to the airport for a flight. My last good meal enjoyed with the company of a medium sized bottle of yebisu. Rad. It’s been a blur hopefully I’ll get some sleep on the plane.




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