WT2010 – JAPAN – Day 1 – Shinjuku

Posted in Travels by jukeboxparables on March 10, 2010

WT2010 – DAY 1
Shinjuku, JAPAN
[On the iPOD] Initial D – Non-Stop Megamix

A rather quick flight last night. 9hrs 30min from Sydney to Tokyo. On the plane I sat next to a guy who lives near Fuji, he was surfing in Australia after visiting a friend for the first time, between broken english and Japanese we had brief conversation about things.

The forecast for Tokyo was 10degrees celsius so I dressed ‘kind of’ warm. Quarantine > Bags > Customs > Currency Exchange and picking up my JR East pass went smoothly as can be. I got randomly stopped by Police for passport inspection, the guy was genuinely happy to try out his english on me and we got through it with a lot of smiling and bowing and he looked surprised at my gallant attempts at Japanese.

I’d called ahead to my Hotel to make sure checking in late would be ok, only got a recorded message in Japanese, so I got worried and the rush to get there was on! On the Narita Express from the airport you have to store your luggage in an area at the back, right away I had to leave my Westerner worry about stuff getting stolen behind.

All was fine, It was raining and dark so I have no photos of the country-side but I was in a rush to get to my hotel anyway. A cute girl comes around on the trains to sell food on a cart, just like the Police officer back at the Airport I noticed right away by the local mannerisms. People here seem to take a lot of pride in their work. It’s totally refreshing, a stark contrast to the tired/annoyed/stressed/cbf ways back home.

Shinjuku station! ITS SNOWING. I go through the luggage for another jacket and walk out the exit to my hotel. Im covered in snow and the road is soaked in sludgy snow/water which is starting to freeze and I’m dusting off my limited snowboarding skills by sliding around with 30kg luggage in my chuck allstars. Ok so walking the short distance to my hotel is probably not a good idea. My shoes arent exactly waterproof and the snow is picking up. I flag a cab and Im there in a few minutes.

Quick shower and time for dinner. Due to the mini snow-storm I decide hotel restaurants are the best bet, most are closed at this hour though so I choose a little Italian themed place that looks interesting. I’m not a food critic but when it comes to Penne arabiata I’m kind of scathing. I was totally blown away. The best I’ve had ANYWHERE including ‘proper’ Italian restaurants back home. While eating I began to wonder if one of the Iron Chef’s was working in the kitchen. LULz

By the time I’d finished dinner the snow had stopped, so now amazing photos unfortunately! 😦 but I did have a bit of a late-night wander. Better pics coming I promise!

Enough ranting!

More over at my flickr

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