Wow 6months of oblivion!

Posted in Random by jukeboxparables on December 2, 2009

So I haven’t updated this thing in awhile, mainly because I’ve been busy as hell with work and the like. Twitter has taken over in the Inane rants department… sure it’s only 140char but it requires a lot less effort (read time) than updating a blog and stringing proper thoughts together.

Anyway, I initially promised myself this blog wouldn’t be about me and rather about all external things that are interesting but this might all be changing in the next few months. It just MIGHT turn into a travel blog of sorts.

Travel to where? Well tickets are not yet booked but the crazy plan as it exists so far is;

Japan (2weeks) -> Roadtrip across the USA (2weeks) + detour to Canada -> NYC (1week) -> England (6weeks)

Rather than being purely tourist-y I want it to be more about the culture and vibe of certain places. A seedy underbelly tour if you will, although naturally there will have to be a few tourist like stops. Mostly I want it all to revolve around certain cultural historic moments/places (mostly in the genre of Music) all of which will involve a shit-load of planning! So that’s what will be happening the next few months!

Will it happen? I’m hoping so It’s been on my mind for years… Will this blog become the ultimate daily updated music travel disaster blog? Perhaps. Time will tell!


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