May Sydney Zine Fare @ MCA

Posted in Random by jukeboxparables on May 26, 2009

Made my way to Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art on Sunday to attend a zine fare. I was kinda blown away at how many people there were there, even after hanging around for a few hours the human traffic never once subsided. You could literally browse for hours in there. I did make some purchases though I regret not getting more! They’re a great read for the train ride home.

Also went for a bit of wander for photographic antics… and more importantly to find foodz. Alas Circular Quay is not the place to be on a Sunday if your really hungry and your after some good food because after doing a few circles of the area my friend and I eventually decided on a certain Italian place upon where we essentially payed $20 for a blob of cheese which was apparently meant to be eggplant lasagna. Hmmm. Out of my depth for finding good food in that Area of Sydney!

Here’s a few purchases;

From the Zinester;

Ahhh, the things we do for love, and the ridiculous, stupid, pathetic things we do for lust. People are, quite simply, fucking ridiculous. The pages of this zine are adorned with the kind of bizarre statements that have been made to me, or people I know, in relation to matters of the heart. Or perhaps more accurately, the groin. Enjoy.

Check out more from Ashdesignsthings

From the Zinester;

This zine is lovingly nicknamed The Sadface Issue. It was written in March and April of this year and put together in May. The writing is about a lovely boy-thing, and how the lovely thing with the boy-thing dissolved because he had to move overseas. Hence, the Sadface. It’s a bit, a lot on the angsty side, even more so than my other zines…but I had to get it out of my system. This is also the first issue I wrote completely on my typewriter! (I’m so surprised the ribbon lived through it.)

“You smell like cigarettes, you smell like sleeplessness, is she a smoker, is she a bad influence, is she really the one you want. He is too nice for you, he is too young, and you will damage him, you will. Let’s wait for the sunrise. Let’s tiptoe through your house. Let’s pretend we were never here.

And more from Ivana Stab

I’ll post pics of the day when I eventually get around to getting my ever increasing rolls of film developed!


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