John Safran; Crucified (for real) in The Philippines

Posted in Film & TV by jukeboxparables on April 11, 2009

Talk about being on topic. With me posting a blog a mere few hours ago speculating on the nature of John Safran’s upcoming new series, media outlets including news.com.au and The Australian are reporting that he’s taken part in a local ritual in The Philippines that mark Good Friday celebrations by nailing people to a cross. It’s being reported that John identified himself as “John Michael, 33 and from Melbourne” but Reuters photographs clearly show It’s Safran.

From The Australian;

Safran, who was half-naked and wearing a long-haired wig with an improvised crown of thorns, joined the Filipinos in a procession carrying a huge wooden cross to a crucifixion site, flanked by men in Roman centurion costumes.

Safran could be heard moaning loudly as the nails were driven into his palms and as his cross was hoisted up, allowing him to hang for about five minutes.

When he was taken down, the centurions rushed him to a medical tent for treatment. Safran would not say why he had joined the ceremony but an Australian companion merely said “this is a personal thing for him”.

And I thought there was no way in hell he could outdo his “Exorcism” at the end of Vs God. Unlike that skit, This seems to be the real deal. Either John is willing to go to new and totally original heights for his Television or he’s been a closet fundy all along. I’ll stick with the former. This footage and his new series is now officially the most anticipated show in 2009.







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