I know that riff; Issue #1

Posted in Music by jukeboxparables on March 14, 2009

Over the years I’ve noticed songs ‘borrowing’ heavily from other songs, Of course I’m not so naive as to think this is a recent occurrence. It’s probably been happening since the invention of music period. But some things are more heavily borrowed than others, I’m not talking credited samples. I’m talking the unsolicited kind (as far as I know) So here goes;

M.I.A – Paper planes Intro is ‘borrowed’ from; The Clash – Straight To Hell. This was clawing at the back of my mind for the longest while. When M.I.A’s song was all over the radio I thought I was having a mental breakdown having heard the Intro before many times but I couldn’t place it.

Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby Yeah Stop calibrate and listen… and take a sample from David Bowie – Under Pressure. I’m sorry to say since Im Gen-X I heard Vanilla’s song first. Yes, oh the humanity.

Lastly but surely not least. Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl. Okay so the award for the biggest offence to music has been saved right till the end. M.I.A only took about 5sec of an Intro, Vanilla Ice sampled it throughout his hit but prominent hacks Jet lift from none other than everyones favourite 60yr old with a 6pack Iggy Pop himself! Iggy Pop – Lust For Life Utter sacrilege.

Issue #2 sometime soon…


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