Revewing music; a method?

Posted in Music by jukeboxparables on March 6, 2009


So I’ve vaguely mentioned reviewing cd’s and whatnot. Why? Well there is an endless amount of albums out there that make me feel a certain way and I want to describe that. So instead of me using this blog as some sort of stereogum wannabe site reviewing ‘the hottest new shit’ I’ll probably just go over my back catalog.

But the question is, how to review them? Should I use the passe 5-star system? Or be totally hipster post-modern and not use a rating system at all? Let the words and music speak for themselves? Although I admit I like that a tad… I’ve instead devised this ad-hoc approach.

Rate each track out of 5, divide the total by the possible total (total tracks x 5) Then use the percentage as a score out of 10. This though makes it almost impossible for an album to score above 9 so on my own terms there’s bonus points (because an album is more than the sum total of its individual parts)

0.4 originality – Something new?!
0.3 diversity – Monotonality? (Is that a word?)
0.2 coherence – It has to flow!
0.1 mood – If it achieves its desired goal.

I like it because its fairly harsh. Reviews these days are far too optimistic. And those bonus points will be used at discretion, eg: not all of them have to be used

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